Bumble: An App For Predators

'Dating' apps are a breeding ground for misogynists, sexists and sexual predators and we’ve spent far too long normalising it by laughing it off. I am 100% guilty of this and the proof is all over my blog, all you need to do is look back to my first 10 blogs. Reading my page from… Continue reading Bumble: An App For Predators

Talk Sh*t, Make Bank

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that sometimes I dabble in hobbies which make me some extra money on the side. Mostly very vanilla fetish stuff (which I've covered in my blog already). Most recently, I made some money from guys on Instagram (thanks huns xo) and I wanted to… Continue reading Talk Sh*t, Make Bank

Exploring Fetishes Pt.I: Here Toe-day Gone Toe-morrow

For anyone who knows me (or anyone who has had the privilege to play ‘never have I ever’ with me) will know I’m a pretty open book when it comes to sex. I am happy to discuss and share stories and open to almost all new ideas and kinks. You’ve got to try everything (within… Continue reading Exploring Fetishes Pt.I: Here Toe-day Gone Toe-morrow