One (Tat)Too Many

Once again, I find myself writing a rage fueled post triggered by an event. On Saturday night, I beat my face for the Gods, stuffed myself into into a leather skirt and went out to get #waved. I was expecting to have some cocktails, a boogie, and most importantly, a laugh. I instead, ended up rushing out of one establishment after having a man lean over a table and leer at me whilst his friend took (what he thought were) discreet photos of my legs. Then I got in a heated argument with an old man in another bar for staring and trying to touch me and a group of girls.

For dramatic irony here is a passively ‘sexual’ photo i.e. sheer top, leather skirt and confident pose. Definitely must be up for it!

Now, I am NO stranger to being pointed at, talked about, being stopped in the street and even touched by strangers because of my tattoos. This is not acceptable, but it’s something I, and thousands of other people have had to get used to. I usually let it slide with a nod and an unenthusiastic ‘yep’ when I hear men utter ‘YOU’VE GOT SOME TATTOOS ON YOU DON’T YA?’ Thank you Captain Obvious, I always thought they were just expensive birthmarks. If I clapped back at every man who made a comment or leered then I’d have no time to myself and I’d live a very bitter life. I get that people are just ‘appreciating the art’, but I don’t even consider myself to have that much coverage. Plus, the majority of modifications are on my legs and these comments are made when I am on my own. No one wants to have their legs stared at whilst having men try and start a conversation, it can be threatening and to be honest, if I wanted to make small talk with strangers then I’d get a job in retail.


I’m also sick of the constant comments on dating sites and online. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how I HATE openers based around my tattoos. We get it, I have my legs tattooed. Please don’t point it out and make it into a big deal because there is a 99% chance I won’t respond – I am more than the ink on my skin. Now you could easily challenge me by saying ‘but they are just trying to start a conversation’ and yes, perhaps they are, but I get messages which imply that my tattoos mean I am ‘norti’ or ‘a bad girl’. Hate to break it to you boys, but me and my ‘sexy ink’ can usually be found diving face first into a sharing bag of crisps or in bed.

tattoos 2
Sitting on a bed, so it clearly means I want to shag you in it

I wrote something on my Instagram Story recently about how I am sick of guys sexualising my tattoos. I did not spend tens of hours and spend thousands of pounds to be asked by some loser online if I’m trying to be like a Suicide Girl. ‘Well what do you expect with your legs out all the time?’ Bitch, did I fucking stutter? THOUSANDS OF POUNDS. It’s my body and if I want to wear a skirt then I will damn well do so. It is not an invitation for unwanted comments, staring, PHOTOS or TOUCHING. It’s the age old (and super relevant) argument of why do we teach girls to cover themselves up and never teach boys to not be sexual predators. 

I’m not expecting things to change any time soon, not unless there is a purge of all men who live their lives thinking this behaviour is in any way acceptable. I would however, like men to read this and think ‘wow, I never thought of it that way. By me immediately pointing out someones tattoos I am automatically objectifying them from how attractive I find their body modifications’. But instead they’ll look at the photos and say ‘patterns on skin make willy tingle’ and ask me if I have my clit pierced (I’ll tell you something for free, I don’t).

Guys, for the love of Christ, stop messaging me about my tattoos. Stop using them as an excuse to catcall me when I’m on my own. Stop grabbing me in the street and stroking my legs. Saying ‘I’m not a weirdo’ is not sufficient enough proof to allow you to caress me. I’ll tell you one thing you’ve all got right so far, and it’s that I AM a bad bitch and I will ruin your life in one foul swoop. Now get the fuck outta my DM’s with your normie virgin skin bullshit. BOY BYE.




3 thoughts on “One (Tat)Too Many”

  1. Sound.
    The fact that I don’t know if I’m as guilty as some of these guys, for commenting and behaviour, immediately indicts me.
    So I’m going to try extra hard to analyse my behaviour, and pre-empt stuff. Because youre right.


    1. Good question. I often find it difficult to admire someone’s tattoos in their full glory from afar. People just tend to see tattoos and immediately assume they are cool. I know a lot of it is sexualising rather than admiring due to the comments and looks. I’m sure lots of people just want to show their appreciation of my commitment, however, I’ve had too many people assume I’m ‘naughty’ or ‘looking for trouble’ because of them. Which is the reason I tend to assume the worst.


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