Talk Sh*t, Make Bank


Those of you who follow me on social media will know that sometimes I dabble in hobbies which make me some extra money on the side. Mostly very vanilla fetish stuff (which I’ve covered in my blog already). Most recently, I made some money from guys on Instagram (thanks huns xo) and I wanted to share my cringey experience with one guy in particular. This is by NO means a ‘how to’ guide…I just keep falling into this kind of avocation.

So, some context behind this guy and our conversations. I know him in real life and have done for a few years. We hadn’t been in contact for ages and I matched him on Bumble when I was visiting family. He was immediately cringey and sent me a photo of his special place and I just let it happen cos I knew I’d never meet up with him and it was funny. He then followed me on Insta and the below happened…

I’d like to clarify that I know I was encouraging his behaviour and I have absolutely no problems with admitting that I accepted money from him. He had previously offered me money so I would talk to him/send him photos and was interested in the findom/paypig setup. He seemed pretty curious about me getting paid to talk to guys like crap.

Our very first interaction outside of Bumble:

insta message 1
Added annotations because I just can’t help myself
I must’ve shared some photos on my story of new clothes or something as I have never sent him personal snaps. This is where the random compliments/statements kick off


I cannot get over this part of the conversation. I don’t want to be a creep…but I’m going to say something creepy to you tomorrow anyway. Also, what does ‘I find you so steamy’ mean?! Answers on a postcard please.


The random messages in response to my stories kept coming in over a number of weeks…



Things went quiet for a bit and I thought that was it…but no.


As i knew he’d already shown an interest in paying for my time I thought I’d just throw it in for the lolz.



He had this idea in his head that I wanted to see him naked. I don’t know where it came from but it started on the dating site and progressed into Snapchat. When he sent me money he asked if he could send ME photos.


Some messages were exchanged over Whatsapp after the money was sent. I actually used his money to go out for drinks that night. I ignored him until the following day when he asked if I’d partake in some rather uncouth activities with him, to which I politely declined. He’s messaged me today which is what triggered me screenshotting the messages and writing this post. My disdain with Tinder and other sites was entirely fuelled by guys like him, who think being a creep is fine as long as they clarify they don’t want to be a creep. That’s like me saying ‘I don’t want to hurt you’ but then punching you in the throat anyway. The punch still happened, the pain was still felt. You STILL said a creepy thing and creepiness was very much experienced.

He was added to my ‘cull’ list and was swiftly blocked today after telling me he’d like to take my clothes off whilst simultaneously wishing me luck in my work presentation?¿?¿

To some, it may seem like I exploited him, but he had no complaints and was more than happy to hand the money over. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a guy offer me money/gifts just to talk to them. God knows how, but clearly I just attract this kind of person. And, to be honest, I’m not going to complain. I’m not required to do anything I’m uncomfortable with and the guy isn’t forced into giving me any funds.

Anyway, there it is…the cringiest conversation I may have ever had with another human being, plus some insights into how I made £150 in 2 days a few weeks ago.

Please message me any of your cringey conversations because they are my favourite. Alternatively, if you’d like to send me money then drop me a DM xo

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